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Credit Union Difference

Credit unions have a purpose of providing reasonable rates and financial services to it members. Compared to banks, credit unions pay members higher returns on savings, offer lower interest rates on loans, and have lower fees for services.

Credit Union and Bank Distinctions
  • Credit Unions are member-service driven different than banks that are profit driven.
  • Credit Unions return profits to their members where as banks divide profits among their shareholders.
  • Credit Unions members are also owners of the institution unlike banks whose customers are just customers.
  • Most Credit Unions (including NIHFCU) have volunteer Boards made up of and representing its members. Bank Board members are highly compensated and represent the interests of anonymous shareholders.
NIHFCU Advantage
  • Free Worldwide ATM Rebates
  • Free on-call Telephone Center 
  • Free online banking and personal Money Management Tools
  • Free Mobile Banking

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