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2021 Board of Directors – nominations by petition now being accepted

The NIHFCU Nominating Committee has nominated members to fill three vacancies on the 2021 Board of Directors (BOD). Additional nominations for the BOD may be made by petition. Nominations from the floor at the April 21, 2021 Annual Meeting will not be considered.

Becoming a nominee

  • NIHFCU bylaws require that all members of the NIHFCU Board of Directors must be at least 18 years old.

  • Submit a petition containing the signatures, printed name, full birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy) and date of each petition signature of at least 433 current NIHFCU members.1,2

  • To be valid, members who sign must be at least 18 years old. A person may only sign a petition one time regardless of how many accounts they have at the NIHFCU.

Submitting your petition

Please email your petition and accompanying requirements to by Tuesday, February 3, 2021. If valid nominations are received by petition, the name(s) of the candidate(s) will be included on the 2021 ballot. Additionally, the ballot will include space for the inclusion of votes for write-in candidates.

  • A completed petition with at least 433 names1,2 – click here for the official petition form.

  • A completed Board of Directors Petition Application Form – click here.

  • A professional, high resolution, color head shot that will be used on the ballot.

To learn more about the roles, responsibilities, time commitment and performance standards of an NIHFCU Board Member, click here.
For a list of Nominating Committee nominees for the 2021 NIHFCU Board of Directors, click here.

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1 Important note: All names, signatures and birth dates on the petition will be reviewed for authenticity. Your petition will be declined and your name will not appear on the ballot if your petition falls below the required minimum signatures for any of the following reasons: Requested information is 1) missing, 2) illegible, or 3) does not match NIHFCU records, 4) Signer is under 18 years of age, 5) is not a current NIHFCU member in good standing, or 6) is otherwise determine ineligible to sign. The NIHFCU will not consider petitions that arrive after February 4, 2020 nor for petitions that were not delivered due to email or computer malfunction. All decisions related to validating petitions are final.

2Soliciting signatures for your petition inside any NIHFCU branch is strictly prohibited.