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The new Credit and Debit Card Alerts & Controls are now accessible inside online banking and our app!  With a broader array of new and popular features, you can now:

Block and Unblock your Credit Card
Stop all non-recurring transactions on your card in case of loss, theft, or any other reason.  Unblock it whenever you want.
Choose to restrict transactions above a set limit or deny certain types of transactions entirely (i.e., international, online, ATM, etc.).

Enjoy These Credit Card Conveniences
Request a replacement for a lost or stolen card
Notify us of your travel plans to avoid potential card interruptions
Make balance transfers to your NIHFCU credit card
Manage and redeem your Rewards points (signature card holders)

Set Up Alerts on Your Credit or Debit Card
Control spending, snuff out fraud, and unauthorized charges by receiving text or email alerts when a transaction exceeds a specified transaction or monthly limit.

Credit Cards: Choose to receive alerts based on transaction type (i.e., online, in-store, auto-pay, etc.) and merchant type (i.e., groceries, travel, household, etc.)
Debit Cards: Receive text or email alerts to help you verify transactions of specific size, origin or merchant type.

To get started, Log into online banking or your NIHFCU app.  Choose “Manage Account” and “Card Alerts & Controls” to manage your credit or debit card. Please confirm your contact information prior to setting your alerts and controls.

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