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Turbo Tax for Online Banking
NIH Federal Credit Union is helping to make filing taxes faster, easier, and worry-free with Turbo Tax for Online Banking (TTOB). Your filings are secure and accurate. Calculations are 100% guaranteed by Turbo Tax for Online Banking. Your NIHFCU data will be filed through TTOB, so you get your refund in the fastest way possible.

Turbo Tax for Online Banking Details
This utility allows you to export your account information into a formatted file. The file will be downloaded onto your hard drive where it will be available for you to import into a personal financial management software program such as QuickenTM or MS MoneyTM

Confidently file your taxes with TurboTax for Online Banking:

  • Complete your simple federal return for free or receive up to a $15 discount on other Turbo Tax for Online Banking paid editions.
  • Have step-by-step instructions and questions throughout provide help and advice for all users
  • Get your refund in as fast as 10 days when you email and elect direct deposit – about a month faster than regular mail
  • Relax knowing your tax data is protected
  • Your returns done by Turbo Tax for Online Banking
How to Get Started
  • New to Online Banking? Enroll now
  • Existing Online Banking user? Login now
  • Click on the Turbo Tax for Online Banking link.
  • Follow the prompts.

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