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The Family Security Plan
Planning for life’s uncertainties is an important part of protecting your family’s future. For as little as $3-$5 per week1, The Family Security Plan® provides an assortment of affordable insurance products for the average wage earner.

Family Security Details
  • Whole Life Insurance – helps your family maintain its standard of living in the event something happens to you. The Family Security Plan® Whole Life program features premiums that never increase and death benefits that never decrease. Your policy also accumulates cash value that you may borrow against for your children’s education or for any other reason. The death benefits can help compensate for lost income, assist in paying bills, and help cover costs associated with and resulting from the loss of a loved one. Policies are available to members, their spouses, and dependent children.
  • Disability Income Protection and Critical Illness Insurance – What would happen to your mortgage, your bills, your retirement should you suddenly be unable to work and earn a living? The Family Security Plan®’s Disability Income program can help you meet your basic monthly financial commitments should you become too sick or injured. Disability Income does more than insure your income. It protects your lifestyle.
  • Best Doctors® – Critical Illness coverage automatically enrolls you in Best Doctors®, a program that connects you to the best medical care when you need it most. When you or a member of your family becomes seriously ill or hurt, Best Doctors® will provide an in-depth review of your medical files. They will also obtain a referral to the most highly qualified doctors in the world for the specific condition being treated, assist members in coordinating information among specialists, and continually monitor the treatment process.

To find out more about any of these programs from The Family Security Plan®, call 800.990.7890 ext. 1172 to speak with your The Family Security Plan® representative. You can also access more information at www.familysecurityplan.com.

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1 For an individual, dependent on age and whether policy holder is a smoker. Other restrictions may apply.