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Additional Functionality and Options

General Set-up Functionality

Current System

New System

Customize your experience throughout based on your needs and preferences

Select English or Spanish language

Coming Soon

Enhanced Security features and authentication options

Alerts & Notification Options

Current System

New System

Balance Summary Updates

Balance above or below alert

Withdrawal Notification

Deposit Notifcation

Check Cleared Notification

Loan payment due reminder

Change of personal information

Remote deposit confirmation

Savings goal progress

Debit card purchase

Insufficient Funds

Transaction/Description Alert

Transfer fail/succeed Alert

Budget progress/summary alerts

Card Management Tools

Current System

New System

Lock/unlock debit card access in case of fraud, loss or theft

Lock/unlock credit card access in case of fraud, loss or theft

Account Management Tools

Current System

New System

Set up and track NIHFCU savings goals

Categorize NIHFCU transactions for better budgeting and expense management

Set up and track NIHFCU budget goals

Aggregate accounts from your other institutions to get a complete financial picture

Deposits, Transfers & Payments

Current System

New System

Make one time or recurring NIHFCU internal account transfers

QuickTransfer for easier transfer management and set up

View NIHFCU Transfer history

Send money to and from other institutions

Pop Money person-to-person payments

Zelle Person-to-person payments

Coming Soon

Mobile deposit (deposit checking via your mobile device)

Make NIHFCU loan payments

Make transfers to other NIHFCU members

Mobile App Functionality

Current System

New System

Standard Features of current apps

Apple Watch Compatible

Access e-statements

Make external transfers

Synched up to Include all features of desktop banking

Access account snapshots without a login


Current System

New System

Check orders

Enhanced Bill pay functionality

Apply for NIHFCU loans and accounts

Manage your NIHFCU mortgage

Send/receive secure message

Set up loan skip-a-pays

Coming Soon

Select/deselect certain overdraft options

Financial Education articles and tips

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