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With START, financing your vehicle with NIHFCU and driving home without delay is a sure thing!*
Just follow these easy steps:
  1. Apply for and get approved for an NIHFCU auto loan. To apply:

    • Click here to apply online
    • Visit any NIHFCU branch
    • Call 800.877.6440

    Don’t forget, for a fast, hassle-free auto buyng experience and great low purchase prices, shop with NIHFCU’s Car Buyer Service, powered by TrueCar or Enterprise Car Sales.

  2. Obtain your "pre-approved express draft" from the NIHFCU.*

  3. Bring your express draft with you to the dealer and shop like a cash buyer with confidence knowing you have low rate NIHFCU financing “in the bag.”

  4. Close on your NIHFCU financing right at the dealer! Once you find your vehicle, fill out the required information on the Express Draft and then provide it to the dealer representative. He/she will complete their required information and send back to NIHFCU.

  5. Start the engine of your new car and drive home happy without delay.

Can you benefit from a fresh START?

Speak with your loan officer today at 800.877.6440 for more details.

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*Credit restrictions apply; all loans are subject to credit approval and terms may vary. Your “Pre-Approved Express Draft” is void after 30 days and can only be used at a Franchised Dealership for the purchase of new or used automobiles or trucks only (RV’s, motorcycles, boats and unsecured/personal loans are excluded). The “Pre-Approved Express Draft” is not valid for sales between private parties, lease buy outs, auctions or to purchase reconditioned or salvaged vehicles.