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These are personal financial management (PFM) software products that allow you to manage your accounts on your personal computer. Now you can immediately update your files and download transactions by connecting directly to your NIHFCU accounts.

Direct Connect for Quicken and QuickBooks
  • Automatically download cleared transactions right into your Quicken or QuickBooks software
  • Easily reconcile transaction and balance information
  • Avoid duplicate transactions
  • No need to log into NIHFCU online banking to view your accounts
Account Export - NIHFCU also offers the ability to export your account data to a formatted file for importing into Quicken or MS Money. Learn more.

Quicken Direct Connect - New User Registration
Sign up for Direct Connect while you are in online banking. Click on "Connectivity for Quicken and QuickBooks" under the Other Services menu. Follow the instructions to set up your Username and Password to use when you are in Quicken or QuickBooks.  If you have any issues signing up, please contact us at 800.877.6440. 
    QuickBooks Direct Connect - New User Registration
    Complete the following steps to register for QuickBooks Direct Connect.
    1. Enroll in online banking.
    2. If you are an existing QuickBooks user, we recommend you back up your data and update to the latest version.
    3. Launch Quicken; from the main menu choose Banking, Online Banking, and then Participating Financial Institutions.
    4. Scroll down to find NIH Federal Credit Union and select it.
    5. A Financial Institution page will display with an “Apply Now” option. Select it and accept the online banking agreement.
    6. Complete the Personal Manager Registration form (yellow form).
    7. Create a NEW Direct Connect password and confirm.
    8. Return to QuickBooks by selecting “Exit”
    9. From the main menu, choose Banking, Online Banking, and then Set up Account for Online Services.
    10. Select an existing NIHFCU account or create new one in QuickBooks.
    11. Create a NEW Direct Connect password and confirm.
    12. Enter NIH Federal Credit Union in the text field.
    13. Select, “I have my special QuickBooks Password.”
    14. Account information will transfer, when completed click “Finish”.
    15. To refresh/update information: from the main menu choose Banking, Online Banking, and then Online Banking Center.
    16. Select “Receive Transactions" and enter your NEW Direct Connect password.


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