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At the NIHFCU, we know that our borrowers could benefit from a little extra cash in their pockets from time-to-time.
Our Payment Vacation program allows qualified automobile and signature loan holders* the option to skip-a-payment to free up cash for other needs, such as:
  • Taking care of unexpected household repairs/purchased
  • Funding holiday and other special occasion expenses
  • Contributing to a family activity or getaway
  • Paying off credit card or other debt
  • And more

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For additional support, please visit any branch or call 800.877.6440.

* Prior to your Vacation Payment request, you must have at least 11 consecutive months of on-time payments and all of your payments must be up to date to participate in the Payment Vacation program. All skipped payments must be made up. Auto Loan and Signature Loan holders may only participate in the Payment Vacation program once every 12 months. Assuming you make only minimum payment(s), skipping payments will delay the payoff of the loan(s) and result in additional finance charges. Payments may not be skipped on any new loan. Loan must be contractually up to date as of the date of this agreement. Except for payment schedule, all terms of your loan agreement(s) remain the same. Having any accounts with a negative balance makes you ineligible for the Payment Vacation program. Offer subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions apply.