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Great Deals on Great Wheels

Join thousands of buyers who have received upfront pricing and used the time-saving tools when buying a new car with NIHFCU’s Car Buying Service powered by TrueCar. You’ll also get great savings on used cars.

  • Shop online with us to research, find and lock-in great savings on your dream vehicle.

  • Apply for and get pre-approved for low rate NIHFCU financing

  • Bring your pre-approved S.T.A.R.T Express Draft and your new car Guaranteed Savings Certificate or used vehicle Price Certificate to the dealer.

  • Buy your car, close on your NIHFCU loan and drive home happy…and now you can also buy right from home and have your car delivered to you.

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Home Delivery

Now, you can handle all aspects of your NIHFCU Car Buying Service purchase without ever stepping into the dealership. Have your vehicle delivered to you and complete your paperwork from the safety and comfort of your home.

  • Convenience: Have your vehicle delivered to you

  • Ease: Start your paperwork online; complete it at home

  • Peace of mind: Enhanced sanitization and safety precautions

Search for your vehicle online and speak to your dealership about Home Delivery today!

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TrueCar Trade

Have a vehicle you wish to trade or sell? NIHFCU’s Car Buying Service now features TrueCar Trade. It offers real-time value updates and ends with a True Cash Offer™ backed by a check. These offers are guaranteed, pending a confirmation appointment.

Here is how it works

  • Submit a license plate number or VIN.  You can also receive an estimated range by submitting basic vehicle information.

  • Respond to a few questions about the vehicle to determine an accurate True Cash Offer (i.e., Color, Options, Mileage, Condition, etc.

  • Receive a breakdown of the True Cash Offer™ as well as the option for how you would like to be contacted by a Certified Dealer.

Note: Your True Cash Offer™ is valid for 3 days and subject to inspection by the dealer.

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Additional Car Buying Assistance

Need more used car options? Visit Enterprise Cars Sales for no haggle pricing with other great benefits on certified vehicles, or call 301-309-8235.

Note: Enterprise is not part of NIHFCU’s Car Buying Service program.