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Savings accounts are the foundation of NIHFCU

When you open your savings, or share account with the NIH Federal Credit Union, you not only become an NIHFCU member but you also become an equal owner of our financial co-operative.

The NIHFCU will deposit the initial $1.00 into your Regular Savings Account required to establish your new membership. Every penny of your savings with us, up to $250,000, is insured by the U.S. government. All NIHFCU savings accounts feature:

Note: As of 4/29/2020 and during the COVID-19 pandemic, the 6 withdrawals per month limit from your NIHFCU savings or money market accounts has been been temporarily suspended

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Premium Savings Accounts earn you more

The NIHFCU offers additional options for your savings goals. Open a Premium Savings Account with only $5 and earn more dividends on balances over $5,000. And, to get even more out of your savings, NIHFCU also offers Money Markets and Certificates.

To view all of our rates, visit the savings rates page or to open an account simply follow the steps below.

  • For new members, visit any branch or apply online.

  • For existing members, visit any branch or use the online banking login button at the top of the page to open an account online.

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Save for something special

Saving for a vacation, holiday shopping or another special goal? We offer two special savings options to help. You can open either with just $5 and then make deposits as often as you like. You can even set up automatic transfers in online banking to help your savings grow with ease.

Holiday Club Savings
Save for the holidays all year long! On November 1st, the funds will be automatically transferred to your savings account for your access and withdrawal.

You Name it Savings
Save for your individual goals, set your own timeline and withdraw your funds whenever you’re ready.

To view all rates, visit the savings rates page.

  • New members, visit any branch or apply online

  • Existing members, visit any branch or login to online banking open an account online.

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Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Select a Traditional IRA for a short-term tax deduction on your annual contribution and deferred taxes on your earnings1 or a Roth IRA where contributions are not deductible but qualified withdrawals at retirement are tax free.1 All of our IRAs are offered as traditional or Roth2 IRAs.

Premier IRA
The more you save, the higher the rate of return with our Premier IRA. You can make deposits regularly through payroll deduction1or whenever you want.

IRA Certificates
Combine the tax advantages1 of an IRA with the higher rate of a certificate. Lock in a guaranteed rate of return with terms between 3 and 60 months3, with no maintenance or admin fees.

To view all rates, visit the IRA rates page or to open an IRA account please stop by any branch or call 1-800-877-6440.

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Financial wellness begins and ends with the facts. Here’s what you need to know!
1 Annual contribution limits may apply – consult your tax advisor. NIHFCU does not offer legal, tax or accounting advice. Before making any investment decisions, please consult with legal, tax and accounting professionals.
2 12-Month jumbo certificate is not available as an IRA certificate.
3 Certificate renewal rates at maturity will be at then prevailing rates and may be higher or lower than the maturing certificate rate. Early withdrawal penalties apply.
Offers, rates and terms subject to change or cancelation at any time without notice. Dividends compounded daily and are credited monthly.