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Wednesday, June 23 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm ET

  • Buying a Home in a Seller’s Market

Do you have a goal of becoming a homeowner? With interest rates at a record low, you are not alone. Let us help you navigate this important milestone during a seller’s market. The goal is for you to secure a good home, without jeopardizing your financial future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is important to most sellers in today’s real estate market

  • The realistic timeline of how long buyers have between putting in an offer and when they will be able to move into the house

  • How the relationship between the buyers, lenders, and other real estate professions may impact the home buying process

Presenters & Panelists:

David King: GreenPath Financial Wellness Expert and Real Estate Agent
Jessie Garrison: GreenPath Partner Experience Manager

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Thursday, June 24 1:00pm or 7:00pm ET

  • Student Loans – the time has arrived!

Our College Counselor will walk you through:

  • What are my options? Federal vs. Private Loans

  • Understand your repayment options – managing your loan before graduation

  • Choosing a private student lender

  • Borrower eligibility and requirements

  • Application process and timeline

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Wednesday, June 23 6:00pm EST

How to Weather a Bear Market

Participants will learn:

  • Explain bear markets and their recent history

  • Introduce participants to behavioral finance and how it affects decision-making

  • Review how overreaction and bad decisions compromise long-term financial goals

  • Discuss three keys to help weather a bear market

  • Present how an annuity fits into a personalized bear market plan

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Wednesday, June 30 6:00pm EST

Rollover Planning

Often times when people change jobs or prepare for retirement, they need to make decisions on their retirement plans and pensions. In this virtual seminar, you’ll learn some of the rules we need to follow and the options available.

In this session you will learn the answers to questions, including:

  • Pros and Cons to leaving your money in the company plan

  • Possible taxes or penalties we may face when moving money

  • Options for moving it your new company plan

  • Rolling it over to a personal IRA

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Wednesday, July 7 6:00pm EST

Redefining a Diversified Portfolio

In today’s volatile market, retirement savers face new challenges. Traditional portfolio diversification may no longer be the answer to growing your savings without the risk of losing it all. Luckily, there are new ways to manage investment risk.

Join us for an informational session that can help you think about your retirement savings plan, and learn answers to questions like:

  • What is traditional portfolio diversification?

  • How has the investment landscape changed?

  • How can you achieve your goals with the least amount of risk?

  • How can new annuity options help you rethink diversification?

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Wednesday, July 14 6:00pm EST

Three Transitions to Retirement

Are you ready to retire? You might be prepared for the financial transition, but you’ll experience lifestyle and emotional transitions as well. We can help you understand these upcoming changes and provide the information you need to better prepare for this exciting season of your life. Working together, we’ll gain clarity and confidence about your path to retirement.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • How to confidently address the financial, lifestyle and emotional transitions to retirement

  • How to guard against risks and manage those that are inevitable

  • Whether you are ready for retirement

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Wednesday, July 21 6:00pm EST

Social Security and Your Retirement 

Regardless of when you plan to retire, Social Security will likely be an important part of the road ahead. But do you know the rules of the road when it comes to Social Security? Determining when to begin benefits could be one of the biggest financial decisions you face, and there are key issues to consider.

During the virtual seminar, you’ll find out more about:

  • What are the rules for starting your Social Security benefits?

  • How do spouses coordinate their benefits?

  • Are there different routes to take that could potentially increase your benefits?

  • How do you decide where Social Security fits within your retirement plans?

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Wednesday, August 4 6:30pm EST

Understanding Medicare

Planning for retirement is never easy and maneuvering through Medicare rules and regulations is one more step in an already confusing process.

During the virtual seminar, you’ll find out more about the basics of Medicare and how financial education can help you in retirement income planning. You’ll learn the answers to your Medicare questions and discuss:

  • Medicare basics and the differences between Parts A, B, C and D

  • Tips for choosing your coverage and enrolling in Medicare

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