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Check today's personal and niche loan rates

Rates effective as of 1/1/2023. Interest rates may change. Please see your account disclosure for additional details.

Personal Loan Rates

Signature Loans 0-36 months
APR** as low as
37-48 months
APR** as low as
49-60 months
APR** as low as

Standard APR1 6.24% 7.24% 8.24%
Home Improvement Loans 0-36 months
APR** as low as
37-60 months
APR** as low as
61-84 months
APR** as low as
85-120 months
APR** as low as

Standard APR1 5.24% 6.24% 7.24% 8.24%

Other Consumer Loans APR** as low as
Personal Line of Credit1 8.24%
Certificate Secured Prevailing share rate + 3%
Share Secured2 Prevailing share rate + 3%
Terms up to 12 years with no fees or prepayment penalties
HELP Loan 18.00%
Terms up to 6 months.
VitaLoan1 5.24%
** APR as of 1/1/2023 for highly qualified applicants. Final rates and terms for approved applicants depend on credit and payment history, payment method and other factors which may be lawfully considered. All loan rates and terms subject to change without notice. Restrictions may apply.
1 Includes 0.25% off for automatic-debit of loan payment from an NIHFCU savings or checking account.
2 The rate on this loan is variable, based on the dividend rate NIHFCU pays on the account pledged as security for the loan. Certificate-secured loan payoff must not exceed the maturity date of the pledged certificate.