Deposit and Checking Accounts
Joint Owner Removal Request - PDF
Checking Account Change Request - eForm Bump-up Certificate Rate Change Request - eForm
Courtesy Pay Plus Consent - eForm Payroll Transfer Allocation - eForm
Share Draft Stop Payment* - eForm Direct Deposit Sign-Up (gov't payroll) - PDF
ATM Rebate Request* - eForm Direct Deposit Sign-Up (non-gov't payroll)*** - PDF
Certificate of Deposit Early Withdrawal*** - PDF Certificate of Deposit Request Form (Internal Funds Transfer Only) - eForm

*This service is also available within online banking for faster submission.

Auto Loan Payment Vacation - eForm Signature Loan Payment Vacation - eForm
Duplicate Lien Release Request - eForm Visa Balance Transfer Request - eForm

ACH Credit Authorization - eForm ACH Loan Payment Authorization - eForm
Automatic Payment Authorization - PDF ACH Origination Debit Authorization - eForm
ACH Stop Payment - eForm ACH Unauthorized Activity - eForm - PDF
ACH from Non-NIHFCU Account for Visa Autopay - eForm - PDF

Membership Application - PDF Notification of Disputed Transactions ** - eForm - PDF
Change of Address/Contact Information - eForm - PDF Fraudulent Use of Debit or ATM Card - eForm
Account Closure Request - eForm - PDF Affidavit of Forgery - PDF

*The email address used to submit this form must match the email address on record. You may also update all of your contact information when you are logged in to your account online. ** Please be advised that third party cash transactions (via services such as Venmo, Cash App, etc.) may not be disputed through NIHFCU. You must contact the service directly. *** To best utilize our pdf forms, please save the form to your computer and then complete the form.