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NIHFCU Mobile App

It's the easiest, most secure way to access your money. Learn more, or get started now by downloading the App on your iOS or Android device.

Digital Banking Essentials


Send money from your NIHFCU checking account to any email address or U.S. mobile phone number.

Card Management & Controls

Review transactions, make payments, and even block and unblock cards to prevent fraud.

Mobile Deposit

Use your phone to snap a photo of your endorsed check, submit and make a deposit.


There is finally a fast and easy way to switch accounts to NIHFCU.

Account Transfers

Setup one-time for recurring internal and external transfers between your NIHFCU accounts and accounts at other institutions.

My Credit Rx

Check your credit score for free, get credit alerts, and view your full credit report on demand.

Additional Digital Banking Features

Account Alerts

Get notifications via text or email to monitor your account balance, deposits, withdrawals, and payments.

Bill Pay

Easily schedule and pay bills online right from your computer or mobile device.

Visualize Your Entire Financial Picture

Stay in touch with all your money, including accounts at other institutions.

Expense Tracking and Savings Goals

Manage your way to help achieve your spending and savings objectives.

Mobile Wallet

Securely store your NIHFCU cards on your mobile device and pay for purchases with a tap.

Connect & Download Account Transactions

Connect your NIHFCU accounts to your favorite account software and download your transactions.


Digital Security

Your accounts are protected by NIHFCU’s digital security features. Visit our Digital Security Center to learn more about fraud prevention, two-factor authentication and biometrics.

Digital Security