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Quicken® or QuickBooks® Account Connection

Our online banking system allows you to download account information into accounting software such as Quicken or QuickBooks, or you can connect via Web Connect or Express Web Connect. Once connected, your banking transactions will be automatically updated so you see all your account activity inside your accounting software.

Account Export

You can also download your account information to your hard drive for import into a personal financial management software program in the formats: Money (OFC), Open Financial Exchange (OFX), Quicken Financial Exchange (QFX), and Comma-Separated Variables (CSV).

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Please Note: System Upgrade to Occur September 9-12

Intuit Products will Be Affected and Action is Needed for A Smooth Transition 

NIHFCU’s upcoming upgrade, which occurs from September 9 through September 12, will disrupt your Intuit product services and will require you to take action to ensure a smooth transition of account transaction updates after the conversion. Conversion instructions are available below for Quicken, QuickBooks, and Mint.

Two Action Steps Are Needed To Complete Your Product Service Upgrade:

  • Action Item 1: Friday, September 9. By 2:00 pm EST:
    A data file backup and a final transaction download should be completed by this date. Please make sure to complete the final download before this date since transaction history might not be available after the upgrade.

  • Action Item 2: Monday, September 12. Once online banking is available (approximately 9:00 am EST):
    This is the action date for the remaining steps on the conversion instructions. You will complete the deactivation/ reactivation of your online banking connection to ensure that you get your current Quicken or QuickBooks accounts set up with the new connection.

Detailed Instructions For These Products Can Be Found Here:

Please carefully review your downloaded transactions after completing the migration instructions to ensure no transactions were duplicated or missed on the register.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (800) 877-6440 or