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Request reimbursement for healthcare-related professional expenses

The NIH Federal Credit Union Healthcare Reimbursement Program was designed around your needs and can help healthcare professionals navigate the road to financial wellness.

Please complete the form below and submit all required documentation to request reimbursement of your healthcare-related certifications, trade association memberships, journal subscriptions and professional liability insurance coverage .

* Please see the bottom of this page for full program details and requirements before submitting 

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Details & Requirements

Reimbursement Terms & Conditions

All terms and conditions as of September 1, 2021.  This offer is subject to change or cancelation at any time and without notification.

This offer is available only to current NIH Federal Credit Union members in good standing. Each qualifying member is eligible for a total reimbursement request of up to $100.00 during a given 12 month cycle. Unused reimbursement amounts will not carry over to subsequent 12 month cycles.

In order to submit and receive a healthcare expense reimbursement, you must:

  • Be a current NIHFCU member of at least 3 months and be an NIHFCU member in good standing at the time your approved reimbursement request is disbursed, and,

  • Have one or more current NIHFCU loans or lines in good standing originated/booked within the 12 months preceding the reimbursement request. This includes credit cards (activated), vehicle, student, personal, home improvement or business loans, home equity loans or lines, and mortgages. Any loan or line older than 12 months, as well as denied loans or lines, are not eligible.

All reimbursement requests must be for expenses incurred after the loan or line’s origination and book date by the primary loan holder only for their personal healthcare-related professional expenses.  Eligible reimbursement categories are; healthcare industry certifications, memberships to healthcare professional or trade organizations, subscriptions to healthcare publications, or professional liability insurance coverage for your healthcare profession. The NIHFCU will not reimburse for services already expired (e.g., association dues for past years, subscriptions already ended, insurance already lapsed, etc.) or expenses not yet incurred, expenses outside of the above categories, or expenses incurred for the benefit of anyone other than the requesting primary loan holder. All requests must be accompanied by proof of service provided and your payment, or they will be denied.

All requests must be submitted using this official Healthcare Reimbursement Form and include legible electronic copies of supporting receipts that contain your payment amount, and are issued by a verifiable organization. NIHFCU suggests that you keep a copy of any supporting receipts for your records. Approved reimbursements will be delivered within 90 days in the form of a deposit into the submitting member’s NIHFCU regular share account only.

NIHFCU reserves the right to modify or cancel this program without notification, or deny any portion of any reimbursement request for any reason at its sole discretion.