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Dear Valued Member:

COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives, from how we work and shop, to how we socialize, how we bank, and much more.  The pandemic has also placed great demands on financial institutions, including NIHFCU, to expedite shifts in their operations to remain competitive in today’s uncertain economic environment and beyond.

Fortunately, your credit union is financially stable and well-positioned to pivot with the times.  Over the past months, we’ve expedited the availability of new financial technologies to enhance your remote banking convenience.  However, even still, additional changes are required.

After months of thoughtful analysis, we have concluded that closing our Pennsylvania Avenue branch is an action we must take.

This decision was not taken lightly and we recognize that it will cause disruption.  However, with the added pressure caused by COVID-19 on the economy, along with the rapid migration of NIHFCU members to our digital banking services, redirecting our resources to efficiently meet the evolving needs of our membership is a required action to support NIHFCU’s very bright future.


Here’s what you need to know:

When will the Pennsylvania Avenue Branch and ATM close?

  • The branch and ATM will be closed permanently as of March 1, 2021. 

Where can I find other branches?

  • While the Pennsylvania Avenue location will be closing, we invite you to visit any of NIHFCU’s other branches located in the Washington DC metro area.

In addition, NIHFCU members can visit over 5,000 shared branches nationwide for most teller-based transactions on their NIHFCU accounts.  Several of these shared branch locations are conveniently located in the DC metro area and in proximity to where you may work or live.

Please click here to search all Branch locations

Where can I find other ATMs?

  • The NIHFCU operates a fleet of other no-fee cash dispensers and deposit-taking units located throughout the DC metro area, several of which feature our new Live Video Teller functionality.

NIHFCU ATMs with the Live Video Teller functionality provide the option to see, talk or text chat in real-time to an NIHFCU representative right at the ATM for virtually any teller or ATM-based transaction.

  • You can also withdraw cash without a surcharge at over 30,000 ATMs in our nationwide network, many of which are conveniently located in the local area. (NIHFCU members with CareFree and TotalCare checking will also avoid NIHFCU fees at these ATMs). Further, TotalCare checking members can withdraw cash at non-network ATMs up to three times per month without an NIHFCU fee (surcharges, if any, applied by the ATM owner remain).

Please click here to search all ATM locations

How else can I manage my NIHFCU accounts?

Our free online banking system and mobile apps provide 24/7 access to your accounts, anytime and anywhere.  With these services, you can perform almost any in-branch transaction from your computer, tablet or phone, including: 

  • Deposit checks by snapping and sending us a photo from your device’s camera

  • Make transfers between your NIHFCU accounts as well as with other institutions and creditors

  • Make payments on your household bills and your NIHFCU loans

  • Control access and usage of your NIHFCU credit and debit card

  • Track your account balances, budgets and expenses

  • Set up and receive custom notifications & alerts via email or text on a range of account details

  • Live video, audio or text chat with an NIHCFU representative (during normal weekday hours)

  • Apply for any NIHFCU loan and open other accounts

Please login to your online account or to download our free apps

What will happen to the Pennsylvania Avenue branch employees?

  • All Pennsylvania Avenue branch employees will be offered positions elsewhere in the credit union and we look forward to them remaining part of the NIHFCU family.

If you have questions or concerns about this closure, please stop by the branch or contact our National Call Center:

Phone: 800-877-6440               Email:

Thank you for being a valued NIHFCU member and your understanding as we work towards this closure.

Thank you,

Rick Wieczorek

NIH Federal Credit Union, President & CEO