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Understand Your Financial Stance At Any Time

When you bank with us online or on our app, you’ll find a range of tools to support your long-term financial wellness and money management goals:

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Centralize and view all of your accounts in one place

For a holistic view of your entire financial picture, you can set up your NIHFCU online banking experience to display all your banking relationships, even those at other financial institutions. In one view, you can stay in touch with your accounts to support informed decisions and effective money management, including:

  • Checking and savings accounts

  • Bank and retail credit card accounts

  • Loan accounts from other Lenders

  • Brokerage accounts

To customize your online banking experience to display non-NIHFCU accounts, login to online banking, click “Add and View External Accounts” from the dashboard, and follow the easy prompts.

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Track and monitor your spending

In online banking or our app, you can effortlessly observe and visualize your spending patterns and recurring expenses. With easy-to-use charts and graphs, making informed money management decisions is as easy as ever.

  • 12-month Overview so you can see your long-term financial trends

  • Category Tracking so you can understand where your money is going

  • Recurring expense tracking so you can keep an eye on regular outflows

To learn more about tracking your spending, watch our quick tutorial video.

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Set up savings goals for a disciplined approach to your finances

Whether you’re eyeing a major purchase or preparing for a special occasion, NIHFCU’s savings goals can help you achieve your aspirations. Our goal setting tool can help you:

  • Break down your financial objectives into manageable goals

  • Set clear milestones, and monitor your progress

  • Assist with avoiding temptations and keep your goals on track

To learn more about setting and reaching your financial goals, watch our quick tutorial video.