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Mortgages for every budget, lifestyle, and need

Even a seasoned home buyer knows that home loans can be complex. And, that’s where our team with over 430 combined years of mortgage experience steps in. Whether you’re buying your second home or your 3rd, our no-pressure friendly team can help you navigate the process with:

  • Great rates on fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages for primary & secondary homes, & investment properties.3, 4

  • Loans amounts up to $3,000,000

  • Generous low down payment options for qualified buyers

  • Preferred member rates for Private Mortgage Insurance, if required

  • Timely and convenient closing – often 30 days or less1

  • Rate locks, up to 60 days

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Get Pre-Qualified for a Home Loan

NIHFCU’s home loan experts can help you determine how much you can borrow so you can shop for a home with confidence and increase your negotiating power. No obligation, check it out today!

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Fixed-Rate Mortgages

A great option for those planning to stay in their home for a long period, and those who desire predictability and budget stability.

  • Maintain the same great rate and monthly payment over the life of the loan 4

  • Choose from terms of 10, 15, 20, or 30-years

  • Loan amounts up to $3,000,000

Featured Fixed-Rate Mortgages

  • HomeReady mortgage: A 30-year loan with as little as 3% down. Gifts and cash on hand can be used for a down payment and closing costs.

  • Jumbo Loan: 20 – 30 year loan for owner-occupied residences

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Adjustable-Rate Mortgages (ARMs)

A great option for those who plan on moving before the initial fixed-rate period re-sets or comfortable with future payment adjustments

  • A lower initial rate and payment compared to a fixed-rate mortgage 4

  • Start with an initial 3,5,7,10, or 15 year fixed-rate term before rate adjusts

  • A range of creative adjustable options of 1,5,15 years available to meet your goals after the fixed period

  • Loan amounts up to $1,500,000

  • No Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required where the loan-to-value over 80% on select ARM

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Get a Cash Reward with an agent from HomeAdvantage®

Home shopping or just thinking about it? HomeAdvantage® can help you search, buy, and sell like a pro, and save THOUSANDS!

  • Search new homes powered by MLS listing data

  • Get Alerts as soon as new home listings hit the market

  • Neighborhood research tools with crime data and school rankings

Plus, use an exclusive HomeAdvantage® agent to buy or sell, and you can earn a reward equal to 20% of your agent’s commission.2 The average reward for NIHFCU members is $2,400 and can be used toward closing costs or just issued as a cash reward.

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Home Loan Resources

NIHFCU offers a variety of resources to assist members in their home-buying journey.

  • Article Library: Quick-read articles on topics of interest for homebuyers

  • Calculators: Use our DIY tools to get a better idea of your homeowner goals, scenarios, and budget situation.

  • FAQ’s: Get answers to many of your home loan questions all in one place

Rates, fees and terms as of April 16, 2024 and subject to change without notice

Financial wellness begins and ends with the facts. Here’s what you need to know!
1Most approved applications are ready to close within 30 days if the borrower and third parties provide the required information to NIHFCU promptly.
2Cash Rewards are awarded through the HomeAdvantage program to buyers and sellers who select and use a real estate agent in the HomeAdvantage network. Home buyers or sellers are not eligible for Cash Rewards if they use an agent outside this network. Cash Rewards amounts are dependent on the commissions paid to the HomeAdvantage network agent. Obtaining a mortgage or use of any specific lending institution is not a requirement to earn Cash Rewards. If you are obtaining a mortgage, your lender may have specific rules on how Cash Rewards can be paid out. Cash Rewards are available in most states; however, are void where prohibited by law or by the lender. Example of Cash Reward amount shown is 20% of a 3% realtor commission on an average home sale price in the DC area of $400,000. Your agent commission rate may differ. Please consult with your lender for details that may affect you. The HomeAdvantage program offered by third party not affiliated with NIHFCU.
3Currently financing 1st mortgages in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC, West Virginia.
4 Click on advertised rates within “Today’s Rates” for complete details
Home Mortgage Disclosure Act Notice: The HMDA data about our residential mortgage lending are available online for review. The data show geographic distribution of loans and applications; ethnicity, race, sex, age, and income of applicants and borrowers; and information about loan approvals and denials. These data are available online at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Web site . HMDA data for many other financial institutions are also available at this Web site.