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Dr. Progebin Shares His Medical Practice Loan Experience

Dr. Progebin joins us on a zoom call to discuss his medical practice loan experience. After he couldn’t get a loan from his big bank, he discovered NIHFCU Business Lending. Find out what happened next from Dr. Progebin himself.  

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“NIHFCU Medical Practice Loans Came Through”

Dr. Progebin’s practice had been banking with a large international bank for decades.  Despite frustrations with customer service and high personnel turnover, he understandably found comfort in their accessibility.  

“The big banks almost have a branch on every corner.  It makes you feel more comfortable, that if I had a problem, I could easily get to somebody… but when I needed my big bank, they left me hanging out to dry. Having those branches was useless to me”

Like most medical practice owners, busy with patients and day to operations, Dr. Progebin rarely “ever needed to visit a branch location”. In fact, when he needed medical practice financing, all of his “communications” with this bank took place online. Despite the “location on every corner” perception, he couldn’t get through to a live person to get his questions answered. After a fellow healthcare business owner recommended NIH Federal credit union, he picked up the phone and contacted our medical practice lending team. 

“After dialing the phone number, somebody actually picked up the phone immediately”

His healthcare business loan experience with NIHFCU was noticeably different. When he called, someone actually picked up the phone. From the first point of contact, Dr. Progebin had an “A-Team” of NIHFCU specialists helping him through the loan application process. He was “getting nowhere” with his existing bank, and “within a matter of days” the loan process was completed by NIHFCU.  

“The help, the customer service, the efficiency.. NIHFCU actually executed on what they needed to do to get my loan approved. It was like night and day.”

Beyond healthcare business loan expertise, Dr. Progebin experienced truly personalized customer service through NIHFCU. From collecting documentation to application status, our “truly compassionate staff” was happy to jump on “hour long phone calls” to answer questions. We were there to provide guidance, with a live person, every step of the way.

“NIH Federal Credit Union Came Through”

After 30 years of dealing with the big bank, Dr. Progebin is transferring all accounts to NIHFCU. NIHFCU is a “small business friendly bank” and we came through when he needed assistance, his large bank didn’t. We are experts in loans and offer medical practice owners a personalized business financing experience, tailored to your medical practice. From medical equipment financing to a working capital line of credit, NIHFCU is here to help small business owners get access to the capital they need. Take a look at our medical practice loan programs or speak with a business lending specialist today to get started.

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