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Dr. Thornton Shares His Dental Practice Loan Experience

When Dr. Thornton needed a dental practice loan, he turned to his existing bank for help. They were nowhere to be found. Then a colleague recommended NIHFCU Business Lending. Hear him share his experience as we sit down with the Washington DC area Dentist over zoom.

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Focused on the Human Part of Dental Practice Loans

Despite a 10 year business banking relationship, Dr. Thornton couldn’t get through to a live person at his bank to discuss dental practice financing. His emails went unreturned and his calls were routed to automated calling services. He began to lose faith.

“As a Dentist not in the financial sector, I really needed to speak with someone to navigate the process. I felt like I had no help or guidance, no customer service to call with questions.”

After 4 weeks, Dr. Thornton finally received a response from a representative at the bank. He was promised better assistance and was assured he was a priority. As weeks went by, and countless promises went unfulfilled, he felt abandoned.

Not sure where to turn, he shared his experience at a continuing education group. That’s when a colleague recommended NIHFCU Business Lending. Reaching out to the NIHFCU dental practice loan team, he received a distinctly different experience.

“We had no finances invested in the credit union but they were calling me at 9:00 o’clock at night. I know that is not something that would be happening at a large bank.”

With NIHFCU, Dr. Thornton felt that “someone was actually looking out” for him, that someone “actually wanted this to go through”.

“Just the sense of actual caring going on, it was the human touch that really separated them. It was great to have that positive reassurance that they were going to do everything possible to maintain your success”

Providing “constant follow up with a live person”, the NIHFCU Business Lending team “covered all bases to ensure nothing interfered with the loan going through.” After 48 hours, the loan was approved and funded.

“When I needed help, my bank wasn’t there. NIHFCU was there”

At NIHFCU, we understand that dental practice owners have spent their entire adult life preparing to run their small business. From medical school and continuing education to daily customer service, they put their heart and soul into helping people through tough times. We are a small business lender, striving to be there for small business owners when they need assistance.

“Bigger is not always better”

With NIHFCU business lending, you always get our A-Team. We are experts in loans and offer Dental practice owners a personalized business financing experience that large banks can’t provide. From dental equipment financing to a working capital line of credit, NIHFCU is here to help practice owners thrive. Take a look at our dental practice loan programs or speak with a business lending specialist today to get started.

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