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Learn How Margaret Discovered Banking with Heart

Margaret  B. has discovered “Banking With Heart” and that’s why she is thrilled to be an NIHFCU member. Find out why!

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Banking with Heart is a Banking Philosophy

Margaret has been a long time NIHFCU member; originally joining while she was in college.  At the time, her relationship with the credit union was limited to depositing paychecks and withdrawing money. 

“NIHFCU worked with me when I had some rough patches due to work disruptions”

As she grew professionally, the credit union was there to meet her evolving financial needs. When a business opportunity arose, Margaret looked to NIHFCU for financial support. As a long-time independent contractor, her income was inconsistent. When disruptions in her business made loan payments difficult, NIHFCU was understanding and worked with her to accommodate her fluctuating income. 

“Whatever is in their power to make you have a good experience, NIHFCU is committed to doing”

While shopping for a new loan, Margaret noticed that her credit score had dropped. She reached out to NIHFCU for an explanation. With low customer service expectations created by big banks, she was pleasantly surprised with the service she received from NIHFCU. After dialing the phone number, “a live person actually picked up”. . “They were very friendly, very inviting, very humble and very professional. They actually listened to my concerns and were genuinely invested in getting me the answers I needed.” 

“You don’t get that with big banks, you’re just an account number to them”

The connection she made with the representative with NIHFCU went beyond the traditional impersonal interactions offered by big banks. “The personalization really caught me off guard.  NIHFCU actually cared about my needs. They didn’t take my business for granted. They respected me.” Despite her account being dormant, NIHFCU recognized her as a “member not only in name, but as a member of the family, of the NIHFCU community. 

“If you are interested in being considered a person and not just a number, go to to NIHFCU”

At NIHFCU, we look beyond dollars and cents to focus on what matters most… YOU. You’re not the sum of your accounts; you’re the sum the sum of your hopes, dreams and desires. 

NIHFCU is also a not-for-profit institution… That means we offer better rates, lower fees and better service for you! We’re ready to finance your goals – with care, compassion and heart.

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