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New Online Banking System – What you need to know

The list below provides important information to help support a smooth transition to our new online banking system. For additional support please contact 800.877.6440 or use our email form.

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Select the Features you use - Important Information

Please select each service you currently use from the menus below to ensure a successful transition to our new online banking system.

Temporary Password for First Log-in

What to Do: To access the new online banking system, simply enter your current online banking Username as usual. Then, follow the temporary password instructions to complete your initial login. For additional assistance, visit any branch or call 800.877.6440.

Mobile App (iOS and Android)

What to Do: Now that our new Online Banking system has launched, you will need to download a new version of our Mobile App. We recommend that you delete the old app from your mobile device to avoid inadvertent confusion.

Download Links: The App Store and Google Play links below are now active and available for download. You will also be able to find the app by searching for NIH Federal Credit Union in Apple’s App Store (iOS device) or on Google Play (Android device).

             Download the Apple App

             Download the Android App

External Transfer

Although our new external transfer option is much more user friendly and easier to use, we were unable to move your scheduled external transfers from the old Online Banking system to the new one.

What to do: In order to resume external transfers in the new system, you will need to re-enter your non-NIHFCU accounts and verify ownership. Once complete, you will then have to setup each recurring external transfer.

Preview Account-to-Account Transfers in the new Online Banking system

Internal Account-to-Account Transfers

Any internal transfers (funds sent or received between an NIHFCU account and another NIHFCU account) scheduled prior to July 18, 2019, including existing recurring transfers will automatically convert into new Online Banking system.

Upon your first login to the new Online Banking system, review all of your previously scheduled and recurring internal transfers to confirm they have converted properly in the new system

Preview Account-to-Account Transfers in the new Online Banking system

Alerts and Notifications

Any account notifications and alerts you had set up in the old system will need to be re-activated in the new system.

What to Do: The new system has a much wider range of alerts to choose from so you can keep in touch with more of the account information you desire at any time. Simply go to “settings”, then “notifications” to review and activate all the alerts you prefer to continue or enroll for.

Preview Alerts and Notifications in the new Online Banking system

Money Management (account aggregator)

Although our new personal financial management tool will contain more features and be much easier to use, for security purposes we were unable to move your non-NIHFCU linked account information from the old system to the new one.

What to Do: To continue aggregating all of your non-NIHFCU accounts in the new system, re-enrollment and re-authentication is required. The new system allows you to do this very easily. Click “Get Started” under the “LinkExternalAccounts” tab and follow the simple prompts.

Popmoney (person-to-person payments)

Our previous person-to-person payment tool (Popmoney) is being replaced by the nationally recognized Zelle® system next year. This will provide users with a new and improved money transfer experience. In order to launch this new tool, person-to-person payments will be unavailable from NIHFCU accounts until the launch of Zelle. We appreciate your understanding as we work to upgrade your experience with Zelle.

Direct Connect Quicken® & QuickBooks®

What to Know: The new system continues to support downloads to Quicken and QuickBooks.

What to Do: In preparation for the launch of the new Online Banking System, you should login to the existing system and make sure that all of the transaction data that you need has successfully transferred to your accounting software. After the launch of the new Online Banking system in late July, you will need to go through the setup process to create the connections between your NIHFCU accounts and your supported accounting software. Upon verification, your account transaction data, will again transfer to your supported accounting software. Please visit for additional information and instruction on setting up your program in our new Online Banking system.