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Banking with Heart

When you chose a career in healthcare, you selected a profession where you put others first. But, when you spend most of your time caring for others, who’s there to take care of you? When it comes to your financial wellness, we are! We’re the National Institutes of Health Federal Credit Union, and since 1940 we’ve provided banking solutions to those just like you, dedicated to the health of others.

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Only for Healthcare Professionals

We understand healthcare because that is our heritage and focus. When you bank with us you are doing so with thousands of your peers – nurses, techs, doctors, dentists, researchers, scientists and more.  From your grueling hours on the job to managing your demands at home, we know better than anyone that you are too busy to waste time and too smart to waste money. So, discover Banking with Heart today – at NIHFCU!

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Healthcare Benefits Suite

Created with your needs in mind, the NIHFCU Healthcare Benefit Suite contains unique features to help you navigate the road to financial wellness. This ever evolving program provides members with up to $50 in annual work-related reimbursements and is our way of saying thank you to the nursing community. The suite includes:

Annual Certification Reimbursement*
Certifications are an important part of your work. However, if not covered by your employer, certification costs can add up. Our Healthcare Benefits Suite Certification Reimbursement was designed with this in mind.

Annual Trade Memberships and Journal Subscription Reimbursement*
Staying current on the latest news is important to your success. The NIHFCU’s Healthcare Benefit Suite can help defray some of your costs for professional-related memberships and subscriptions.

Our certification and subscription reimbursement programs provide up to $50 in annual work-related reimbursements combined.

At NIHFCU, our commitment to our Healthcare Workers goes far beyond lip service. It extends into everything we do. That’s why we are constantly evaluating the Healthcare Benefit Suite and evaluating new benefits designed to assist you on your journey to financial wellness.

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Additional Benefits for Nurses

Our focus on healthcare professionals has led us to create a wide array of benefits, targeted specifically at the nursing community. This is just one more reason why NIHFCU is the credit union for nurses. 

ClickSWITCH Account Transfer

The time and difficulty of switching accounts is one of the biggest reasons that nurses stay with their anonymous big bank. That’s why we invested in ClickSWITCH, a fast and easy way to move your accounts to NIHFCU. Gone are the days of manually changing bill pays and setting up the deposit of your paycheck. Now you can securely enter your information into the system and ClickSWITCH does all the work. Visit our Open an Account page to get started.   

Financial Check-Ups

Every nurse knows that regular check-ups are the best way to improve our health. The same holds true for your financial health. That’s why NIHFCU created a series of financial check-ups designed to diagnose specific areas of your budget where you could save money. Complete the check-ups online, at your leisure and an NIHFCU representative will contact you to share their money-saving suggestions. Visit our Financial Check-Up page to get started. 

A Loan Designed for Nurses

Presenting the VitaLoan; designed to meet the needs of nurses like you. The VitaLoan allows you to quickly access up to $7,000 for work-related expenses, or just everyday surprises. Use it for CE expenses, equipment purchases, professional certifications, or home improvements, emergency repairs, unexpected bills. Learn more about the VitaLoan and Apply.

Credit/Identity Theft Protection2

Nurses are a target for scams. That’s why we created our TotalCare Checking account to include a protective bubble for nurses. It includes a variety of features to protect what’s most important to you, including: 

  • ID Theft Expense Reimbursement

  • Credit Report Monitoring & Protection

  • Identity Monitoring

Mobile Phone Protection2

A phone is a nurse’s lifeline, at home and at work, that’s why our Total Care Checking account provides up to $300 in phone coverage to reimburse the cost of replacing or repairing your device.

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Exclusively serving healthcare professionals and their families

We’re solely dedicated to serving today’s busy healthcare professionals so we understand your unique needs. And with a range of exceptional programs, and a refreshing “people helping people” approach to financial services, the NIHFCU is here to help you achieve financial success.

To start enjoying lesser fees, great rates, and other exclusive banking solutions we provide, check your membership eligibility and then use the Get Started button to begin your online application

All the Important Details
* Reimbursement Requirements
To qualify for the Healthcare Benefit Suite, you must be a current member in good standing for a minimum of six (6) months and no more than 36 months. In addition, you must have an NIHFCU share account at or above par value and one or more of the following services with the NIHFCU at the time of your reimbursement request: NIHFCU credit card in good standing or a monthly direct deposit of at least $250. Each qualifying member is eligible for one combined annual reimbursement request not to exceed $50. All reimbursement submissions must be supported by verifiable payment receipts issued by professional healthcare-related organizations, for one of the following services (1) professional certifications, (2) memberships to professional or trade organizations, or (3) subscriptions to trade journals or publications. Unused reimbursement amounts do not carry over into subsequent calendar years. For more information and specific reimbursement procedures, please visit our member reimbursement request page.
** All loans are subject to credit approval and terms may vary.
Final rates and terms for approved applications depend on creditworthiness and payment history, payment method, and other factors that may be lawfully considered. Restrictions may apply. NIHFCU membership required.
1See our ClickSWITCH page for full program details.
2Credit/Identity Theft and Mobile Phone Protection are services available to TotalCare personal checking account owners. See our TotalCare checking Protection page for full program details.